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Whether you want new glasses for the new season or just want to slip into something more comfortable for your eyes, now is the perfect time to grab the perfect pair of specs.

From NOW till May 30, 2017 11:59pm (GMT -05:00), when you purchase frames from these brands of over $100: Adidas, Anson Benson, Below the Fringe, Centrestage, Fuglies, Julbo, Modential, Oakley, Per Te, Pugnale & Nyleve, Rudy Project, Savannah, and Senza, you can choose a matching pair of progressive, bi-focal, single vision, transitions or polarized Lenses for free (for the full details of the promotion, please refer to the Eligible Lenses table below). The above lenses can be configured for up to 1.67 index for even greater flexibility. This offer is good for EACH FRAME purchased, which means, you get matching lenses for every frame you get.

Eligible Lenses

With all these lens combination, there is so much you can do for your new style. Supply is limited, so get them while they are FREE!

*1.589 index available to Single Vision clear lenses only.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Free Lenses promotion is only valid during the promotion period from April 26, 2017 to May 30, 2017, 11:59pm (GMT -05:00) and may be withdrawn at any time.
  2. Each customer is entitled to get ONE PAIR of Progressive, Bi-focal, Single Vision, transitions or polarized Lenses free of charge, with the choice of 1.5 (1.589), 1.6 or 1.67 index to choose from, for each purchase of eligible frames from selected brands (please see Point 4) online with glassesgallery.com (“Glasses Gallery”). Not all listed indices are eligible for all listed types of lenses for this promotion. Please see “Eligible Lenses” for a complete list of eligible lenses and indices.
  3. Please note that 1.589 index is only available to single vision clear lenses only. All other Single vision lenses are available in the indices of 1.5, 1.6, 1.67, and 1.74.
  4. Brands eligible for the Free Lenses promotion are: Adidas, Anson Benson, Below the Fringe, Centrestage, Fuglies, Julbo, Modential, Oakley, Per Te, Rudy Project, Savannah, and Senza.
  5. The Free Lenses promotion is only applicable to Progressive, Bi-focal, Single Vision, Transitions, Sun Color and Polarized lenses of 1.5 (1.589), 1.6 and 1.67 (clear lens only) index, NOT including Bi-focal Computer lenses of any index, Progressive Computer lenses of any index, Sun Mirror and Polarized Mirror lenses, and NOT including ANY lenses of 1.74 index. For a full list of eligible lenses, please refer to the table below.
  6. The Free Lenses promotion is valid for every frame purchased that qualified for the terms listed above (Points 1-4), and it is good for multiple use.
  7. Glasses Gallery reserves the right to decline to offer the Free Lenses promotion where, in its opinion, the transaction is invalid.
  8. A $50 restocking fee is incurred for every returned item that was purchased with the Free Lenses Promotion. This restocking fee includes reordering fee for lenses, and supersedes the usual restocking fee incurred. All other refund terms and conditions apply stated in the Terms and Conditions apply. This term only applies to items purchased with the Free Lenses Promotion, and does not apply to those items not covered by this promotion. This term does not apply to exchanges. Please refer to our terms and conditions for exchanges and other refund policies.
  9. Glasses Gallery reserves the right to decide the best fitting index according to lens power (applicable to free lenses only)
  10. Glasses Gallery reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

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